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What is Sister Cities?

The Sister Cities program was launched as a national concept at a White House conference in 1956 by President Dwight Eisenhower. He called for exchanges between Americans and peoples of other nations to encourage the development of long-term relationships that create international understanding. Every United States president since then has served as Honorary Chairman of Sister Cities International.

Nationally, there are more than 1,200 cities linked with more than 2,000 cities worldwide. Cities decide amongst themselves which programs to develop that can bring mutual benefits, such as arts, education and cultural exchanges, economic/business development, and study of healthcare, environment, and technology issues.

What is New Brunswick's Program?

New Brunswick has four sister cities. Agreements were signed with Tsuruoka, Japan in 1960, Fukui, Japan in 1982, Debrecen, Hungary in 1990 and in 1999 a partnership agreement was signed with Limerick County Council, Limerick, Ireland. The New Brunswick Sister Cities Program is located in the Department of Planning, Community and Economic Development and is incorporated as a separate not-for-profit entity. The corporation has filed for Section 501(C) (3) status enabling all contributions to be fully tax-deductible.

Sister Cities develops programs that bring reciprocal benefits, establish friendships, and provide enriching experiences for our communities through participation in sports, education, business, healthcare, arts and culture, and other exchanges.

Learn More About Our Sister Cities and Current Projects:

 Fukui, Japan
 Tsuruoka, Japan
 Debrecen, Hungary
 Limerick, Ireland

For more information on the New Brunswick Sister Cities Program, please contact Jane Tublin by phone at (732)745-5050 or e-mail