Jan 13 to Sep 23

Place on Stone: Nineteenth-Century Landscape Lithographs

This exhibition of British and French landscape prints features examples by early lithographic masters, including Richard Cooper and Antoine Mongin, as well as dazzling color landscapes from the 1890s by...

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Feb 17 to Sep 23

Impressions: Prints of Mexico, 1930s-40s

This exhibition examines prints from the 1930s and 1940s by Mexican and foreign artists that pictured the people, traditions, and history of Mexico for primarily American audiences. It features Mexican...

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Mar 3 to Sep 30

Nevermore: Leonid Lamm, Selected Works

Leonid Lamm (1928–2017) was one of the most surprising and versatile artists in the history of Soviet nonconformist and contemporary Russian-American art. His artistic explorations ranged widely in style and...

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Jun 18 to Aug 31

Visceral and Visionary

From oil paintings to ceramics to mixed media pieces, the array of artwork carefully selected for this exhibition is sure to appeal to lovers of all kinds of artistic mediums....

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Jan 21 to Jul 29

Set in Stone: Lithography in Paris, 1815-1900

An exhibition of more than 120 works, almost exclusively chosen from the Zimmerli Art Museum’s rich collection of nineteenth-century French graphic arts....

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