"Lifted" featuring works by: John Hawaka & Vesselin Kourtev

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OCT 2, 2020 to NOV 28, 2020
At your convenience.


Your home.

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Alfa Art Gallery invites you to the exhibition “Lifted” which features two prominent artists: John Hawaka and Vesselin Kourtev. Not only will this show exhibit the work of two skilled artists with prolific careers, “Lifted” is in honor and in memory of John Hawaka, and will celebrate his art and his life. This two – person show will also be a commemoration of the artists’ long-time friendship and their admiration for each other’s art work. “Lifted” will encompass a physical exhibition of Vesselin Kourtev’s work and a virtual exhibition of John Hawaka’s pieces, run simultaneously from October 2, 2020 through November 28, 2020.