Crossroads: The Story of a Theatre

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APR 6, 2021 to MAY 2, 2021
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Crossroads: The Story of a Theatre

In 1996, Crossroads Theatre Company was the subject of an hour-long documentary produced by NJN, the New Jersey Network. Filmed in the years just following the company’s move to its previous home at 7 Livingston Avenue, the documentary traces the theatre’s storied history from its founding to the ‘today’ of that time. It’s chock full of archival footage, photographs, and interviews with current and former staffers. You’ll catch glimpses of some of the many stars of Crossroads stage – luminaries such as Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis – and hear about the company’s plans for ‘tomorrow.’

In 2020, Crossroads: The Story of a Theatre is a glorious time capsule that talks to us from the past, encouraging us to keep moving forward, building on the legacy that is Crossroads Theatre Company. It is a love letter to the theatre, its tireless team, and to the audiences that helped build it too. Whether you’re new to Crossroads, or you remember “the old theatre,” and “climbing all those stairs,” we hope you’ll all appreciate this program as much as we do.

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