2023 New Jersey International Film Festival - Possum Kingdom and Five, Four, Three, Two

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JUN 4, 2023
12:00 am EDT, you'll have 23 hours 59 minutes to start watching. Once you begin, you'll have 24 hours to finish watching.


Video on demand.

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Five, Four, Three, Two – Chia-Yun Wu (Taipei, Taiwan)

Albert Camus pointed out that Sisyphus may be pleased with his punishment as he pushes a giant rock up to a hill repeatedly. Because when he accepts his fate and lives on independent consciousness, the punishment of the gods on him no longer makes sense, and the meaningless punishment is no longer in vain. The film cites the philosophy-mythology, where the three characters played the same role, the crowd. Their unrelated daily lives are like destiny and cycle, without beginning and ending, without joy or sorrow. They share the same memory of counting down numbers repeatedly and begin a karma through the passing of a boulder. 2022; 13 min.

Possum Kingdom - Virginia K Yearick (New York, New York)

On a run-down family farm in South Carolina, three generations of white men kill time in living rooms, open fields, and shallow water. The boredom that comes from the relative comfort and the slow decay around them leads them further and further into casual destruction. The film is an unscripted blend of documentary and fiction. Starring a mix of first time actors, non actors, and people playing alternate versions of themselves, most of the story takes place on a run down family farm, and we are introduced to members of the community that surrounds it. It may serve as both a neutral window into a way of life as well as a personal dreamland heavy with sentimentality. 2022; 91 min.

Possum Kingdom
Five, Four, Three, Two