Meet the Chef

About Serafin Sarduy

The story begins in Havana, Cuba in 1984 where Sarduy graduated from college with a degree in business management and an emphasis in gastronomy. He began working at the Hotel Sevilla and continued his studies in Human Resource Management in Cuba. Throughout his career, he studied at places like the original Cordon Blue University in France and Hudson County Community College in Jersey City. When he was 25 years old, he opened up his first restaurant, "Rainbow Buffet," in Fairview, New Jersey. Though, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Sarduy is a culinary nomad, wandering around the world, attaining knowledge of different cooking styles. He credits this informal education in Beijing, China (learning Mandarin cooking techniques and dishes) and in Italy for helping him with his style. That very style, which incorporates world-class techniques with a penchant for fusing different cooking styles, can be seen in the many new dishes on Cuba Mia's new menu (from ceviche to fried ice cream and paella).

Serafin Sarduy Executive Chef of Esquina Latina in New Brunswick