Above Art Studios

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55B Morris Street
Phone: 732-993-8096

Wednesday - Saturday 12:00 pm - 7:00pm

Dreams aren’t enforced until effort is put in place. Above Art Studios set the standard for this with class, creativity and curating. Established in early December 2016 in New Brunswick, NJ, this art gallery concluded the year in awe, prestige and all things stimulating. With skies being the limit, “above” is a pertinent word in their title and arena of success. Anything is possible and they progressively display a distinct portrait of it. Owners, Dontae Muse and Wilford Charles opened the gallery negate of a mission as it is a continuous one. Purposely serving artists, their intent revolves around mere appreciation for talent, craft and passion. Linking individuals who share the same desire for paint, art and design is a mastery they've acquired. Possessing a cozy feel, artists and visitors can participate in the many works, ultimately honing it as their own. “We are the bridge between passion and appreciation,” said Muse. Distinguishing themselves as the hub for great works of artistry, the space is ideal for a vast variety of events. From networking to live painting to poetry to musical showcases, Above Art Studios is a desirable realm of wealth. The evident showcasing of African American art, tells a story far greater than that of imagination. It stretches through the centuries of culture, oppression and love. Through the likes of known legends, street art and personal pieces; glances are far-fetched. Captivation is the perception upon arrival. Deriving from different backgrounds, both owners landed on common ground in the name of innovation. Musically inclined, they are engulfed in the ideal of production. From grassroots, the space, equipped with a production studio, allows for community opportunities to evolve all in the name of vision. Their ingenious minds spring forth a myriad of prototypes that are relatable as well as praiseworthy. Pop and urban, conjunctively, express their motive. Struggles, power and yesteryears birth a respectful, enchantment of reward. Catering to children, families and the like, Above Art Studios encompasses ALL. As history continues to repeat itself, this gallery stands alone, among the best of what’s to come.  

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55B Morris Street
New Brunswick, NJ