Promise Culinary School & Catering

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211 Livingston Avenue
Phone: 732-545-9002
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Promise Culinary Programs have graduated over 900 individuals in the culinary arts since 1997 with over 86% of students finding sustained employment in their respective culinary fields.  Our state-certified vocational programs educate a diverse student body with affordable classes taught by professional staff reviewing culinary fundamentals and specializations.  Find your program and begin your new culinary career today!

About Promise Catering

Promise Catering initially started as an extension of the externship component in the Promise Culinary School as a social business venture.  Promise Catering continues to provide opportunity for Culinary students and recent graduates by giving them the time flexibility and income that they may need before they make their next step.

Promise Catering works to feed New Brunswick with healthy and delicious food.  Our catering department always uses fresh, quality ingredients that are often sourced from local farms.

Similar to our Healthy Kitchen Program at our Community Soup Kitchen, our Contract Catering Program works to minimize the use of salt, sugar, fats, and oils in their cooking methods in order to provide our community with nutritious and affordable meals to low-income seniors and children.

We work to maximize the nutrition of our meals while minimizing the cost.  We accomplish this by sourcing much of our food from local farms and by using gleaned produce provided by Farmers Against Hunger.

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211 Livingston Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ