Expert Home Care, Inc.

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317 George Street, Suite 320
Phone: 800-848-2336

Mon-Fri 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

At Expert Home Care, we pride ourselves on offering the very best in-home healthcare. We serve clients all over the state of New Jersey, making their daily lives easier and increasing the number of things they can accomplish throughout their day with just a bit of help from our professional caregivers. We know it is important to you that your loved one remains in their home with their belongings and memories, rather than an assisted living facility and therefore we make this possible. Dealing with a family member who is aging can be difficult to navigate. However, do not fear. You are not alone. Expert Home Care is here to help.

Expert Home Care’s Caregivers provide the following services:

Personal Care

Homemaking Duties

Companionship Care

Alzheimer’s / Dementia Care and Supervision

Hospice / Palliative Care and Supervision

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317 George Street, Suite 320
New Brunswick, NJ