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The New Brunswick Parking Authority is located at 106 Somerset Street - 6th Floor in New Brunswick, NJ. The Parking Authority administrative offices can be contacted by calling (732) 545-3118 or visit their website at

The New Brunswick Parking Authority was created by an ordinance of the City of New Brunswick in New Jersey adopted August 3, 1948 and pursuant to NJSA 40:HA. The Authority is a public body corporate and political subdivision of the State with the same territorial boundaries as the boundaries of the City, exercising public and essential government functions and having all the powers necessary to carry out its corporate purposes and the provisions of the Act.

The duties of the Authority are to construct, improve, maintain and operate off-street parking facilities, to promote traffic improvements and the free flow of traffic through city streets and to improve conditions affecting public safety and welfare. The New Brunswick Parking Authority manages off-street parking facilities, on-street parking and meters, residential permit parking program, downtown security and parking enforcement. If you are seeking commuter parking for mass transit, monthly parking for your employees, parking validations for your customers, or revised parking regulations and permitting for your neighborhood, the NBPA is the place to call.

The Parking Authority currently maintains all parking lots and decks in downtown New Brunswick. To use their convenient Parking Locator, please go here.

For information on Mass Transit, visit here.

 For information on Rutgers Scarlet Knights football parking, please click the image below.