Cabaret Theatre

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Nichol Avenue & Suydam Street
Phone: 732-846-2134

The Cabaret Theatre @ Rutgers University

Cabaret is a student-run organization located on the Douglass campus of Rutgers University. Since 1975, Cabaret Theatre has been committed to providing the University and its surrounding community with a wide variety of theatrical experiences, as well as offering a forum for students to learn about acting, directing, writing, business-management, design, and construction through various workshops and hands on experience.

Every academic year, Cabaret Theatre puts on 4 mainstage productions and various special events, including: "The Original Play Festival," "Directors' Showcase," "Rutgers Night Live," and many more. You can see a variety of shows at Cabaret, including musicals and straight plays, throughout the entire season.

Parking Directions

Nichol Avenue & Suydam Street
New Brunswick, NJ