Alfa Art Gallery

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108 Church Street
Phone: 732-296-6720

Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 6pm

The Alfa Art Gallery believes that Visual Art is the ultimate form of communication and is therefore universal in its expression.

The Alfa Art Gallery mission is to support emerging and well established artists and to give their work exposure and a critical following within the art community.

The Alfa Art Gallery goal is to conduct local, national and international art exhibitions including: oil color, water color, mixed media, sculptures, photography, crafts and glass works.

Alfa Art gallery also works as an open art studio – gallery. The exhibiting artists can demonstrate their creative process in the gallery and collectors and gallery visitors can follow and learn about their technique, style and motivation.

Alfa Art gallery plays a vital role among visual-arts organizations locally, nationally and internationally by exhibiting, initiating, supporting, presenting, and preserving artists’ work, and by serving as a locus for interdisciplinary art and criticism.

Alfa Art gallery provides professional criticism and guidance to exhibiting artists by seasoned art curators.

Alfa Art gallery specializes in working with first-time art buyers as well as seasoned collectors interested in enhancing their art collection by acquiring the work of new and market-proven artists.

Alfa Art gallery helps collectors and visitors to identify a style of artwork that expresses their personal or company image and purpose while also complimenting the existing home or office aesthetic.

Alfa Art gallery creates a hub for New Jersey’s fine art painters, sculptors, book authors, musicians and actors and helps them get exposed to art collectors and visitors.

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108 Church Street
New Brunswick, NJ