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90 Paterson Street
Phone: 732-272-0052

Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

American Soft Solutions Corp. is a provider of Prolis, a laboratory information system (LIS) software designed specifically for clinical testing laboratories. Prolis is a comprehensive solution that offers features such as sample tracking, result reporting, quality control, and billing management. Our software is designed to streamline laboratory processes and increase efficiency, allowing our clients to provide high-quality services to their patients.

In addition to providing our LIS software for clinical laboratories, we also offer medical credentialing and medical billing services for laboratories, physician offices, and hospitals. Our medical credentialing service ensures that our clients meet the necessary requirements for participation in insurance networks and other healthcare programs. Our medical billing service provides end-to-end revenue cycle management, from claims submission to payment collection.

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90 Paterson Street
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