1776 Reading of the Declaration of Independence

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On July 9, 1776 a most significant event took place in New Brunswick, New Jersey at the corner of Albany Street and Neilson Avenue. This was the location of one of the first readings of the Declaration of Independence. The public gathered that morning in front of White Hall Tavern to hear Col. John Neilson read the words our founding fathers had set forth just a few days previous in Philadelphia. He stood tall on an improvised stage -- a table carried from the tavern to the public street -- and read the newly disclosed pronouncement. To memorialize this historical event, the New Brunswick Public Sculpture organization's inaugural statue project will Illuminate and bring to life this momentous occasion for visitors and residence to enjoy.

There will be a public dedication of the life size bronze statue of Col. John Neilson on July 9, 2017 at Monument Square Park at 12noon, celebrating 241 years of history!