Primary Care of New Brunswick Hosting Open House on Paterson Street

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Dr. Heraa Chaudhry is inviting the public to come to the grand opening of Primary Care of New Brunswick at 90 Paterson St. and see what sets it apart.

She said the event, on Friday, June 2 at 4 p.m., will be an opportunity for members of the community to see the efforts she has made to make her new facility less intimidating and sterile than what she sees in many doctors’ offices.

“I wanted something a little bit different, a different experience for my patients,” Chaudhry said. “I painted the walls sage green. I’m going to have a lot of plants there. There’s a nice stone wall. I kind of want to have a more calming effect. I don’t want it to be so cumbersome for patients to come. It will be a very relaxed environment.”

Chaudhry will treat patients in six exam rooms on the bottom floor of the building. She said Primary Care of New Brunswick will accept all forms of insurance at the start and will welcome walk-ins, as well as patients who make an appointment.

Her dream has always been to become a town doctor of sorts and offer personal care to the patients she gets to know over several years.

It’s the kind of work she did after graduating from the Medical University of the Americas when she cared for Amish patients in upstate New York who would arrive in a horse-drawn buggy.

Though it is exciting to be opening a practice in New Brunswick – a city she became familiar with after making frequent visits to many of its restaurants – Chaudhry said it’s a bittersweet time.

He dad, Tariq, had long asked her to return from New York and start a practice closer to home. He envisioned his wife, Yasmin, his son, Shauhab, Heraa, and him working under one roof (the youngest Chaudhry sibling is in medical school).

But as Tariq’s dream was beginning to take shape, he died from complications of COVID-19 two years ago.

This would have made Tariq very happy: Heraa tending to patients on the bottom floor at 90 Paterson St. and Prolis operating on the second floor.

Prolis is a healthcare technology company Tariq built from scratch after he taught himself coding during the computer boom in the 1990s. It allowed this immigrant from Pakistan to go from making deliveries and driving a taxi for a living to owning his own business.

Shauhab left his work with patients in a hospital to help Yasmin run the family business.

“Finally his dream has come true,” Heraa said. “Our family is together, running different businesses in one building. We only wish he was here. We’re thinking about him a lot these days.”

Being under one roof will allow Shauhab to come downstairs a couple of days a week and see patients.

He will be a big help to Primary Care of New Brunswick, which will offer a wide array of medical care ranging from treating sick patients to providing care for patients with chronic conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension, to preventative medical screens. Primary Care will be able to write referrals for things such as mammograms and will be able to send blood samples out for testing through a partnership with a nearby lab.

The open house is an invitation to anyone who is seeking old-fashioned, personalized health care.

“I think the idea of a small business getting involved with the city, getting to familiarize with our neighbors, having people stop by and chat with us and seeing what we’re all about (is good),” Heraa said. “We like to help our neighbors. Even the signs we got for our offices, we got them from a small company nearby.

“I think having a grand opening, getting familiarized with the town, letting people know that we’re here and eager to provide a service to the community, I think it’s a good opportunity to get involved and make connections and network.”

Story & Photo By: Chuck O'Donnell