New Brunswick Police Director Caputo Announces Retirement After 38 Years of Service

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Police Director Anthony A. Caputo has announced his retirement after 38 years of service, effective Jan. 1, 2024.

“Under Director Caputo's leadership, the police department has achieved numerous milestones in crime reduction, community outreach, and officer training," New Brunswick Mayor Jim Cahill said. "His dedication to public safety has earned him the respect and admiration of colleagues and the community.

"Director Caputo's legacy of service and leadership is truly commendable," Cahill said. "His unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of our residents has been a guiding force for our Police Department. His visionary leadership, commitment to community policing, and tireless dedication to fostering positive relationships have been instrumental in creating a safer and more secure city.”

Caputo was instrumental in fulfilling the police department’s goal of accreditation under the New Jersey Association of Chiefs of Police in 2013, and it has maintained re-accreditation every three years since then.

Additionally, Caputo was the founding chairman of the Middlesex County Crime Stoppers Program. His contributions were essential to the Educated Encounters Program, approved by the New Jersey Board of Education.

In preparation for Caputo's retirement, Cahill announced the promotion of Deputy Chief Vincent Sabo to the position of Police Chief. Deputy Chief Sabo, a 30-year veteran of the department, brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment.

"It has been an honor and privilege to serve the citizens of New Brunswick,” Caputo said. "I am grateful for the support of the community and the hard work of the men and women of the New Brunswick Police Department.

"While I will miss the daily interactions with my colleagues and the community, I am confident in the abilities of the rank and file, and the leadership of Deputy Chief Vincent Sabo.” he added. “I have no doubt the police department will continue to prosper and serve the residents of New Brunswick with honor, commitment, and dedication.”

Sabo has a track record of leadership, strategic planning, and community engagement. Sabo has served the department in the uniformed patrol division, anti-crime unit, neighborhood police team, juvenile aid bureau, and as the department’s Operations Commander.

"I am honored to assume the role of Police Chief for the New Brunswick Police Department," Sabo said. "I am committed to building upon the foundation set by Director Caputo and working collaboratively with our officers and the community to ensure the safety and well-being of our city.”

As part of the police department’s new leadership, Cahill will promote Captain Michael Bobadilla to the rank of Deputy Chief. Bobadilla is also a 30-year veteran of the police department and has been actively involved in the police department’s community outreach programs. Captain Bobadilla has served the department in the uniformed patrol division, bicycle patrol, anti-crime, and major crime units, as a DARE and GREAT officer, and as the department’s Special Operations Commander.

In his new role as Deputy Chief, Bobadilla will remain active in the community and serve an important role under Chief Sabo as they move forward leading the police department and serving the New Brunswick community.

Story By: Chuck O'Donnell
Photo Credit: City of New Brunswick