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Jul 27 to Oct 27

Hub City Sounds Visual and Culinary Arts Festival Series

Hub City Sounds is a FREE and Family welcoming Performing, Visual and Culinary Arts festival series with events for all tastes! Also, come enjoy the Kid Zones featuring: ...

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Tue Jul 30


Just when things seem completely hopeless, Mary Poppins returns to save the day. In this magical Disney musical, Mary helps the next generation of the Banks family rediscover the joy...

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Tue Aug 6


Everyone's favorite family of superheroes is back! This time, it’s Elastigirl leading the way, facing off against a the city’s newest mega-villain, Screenslaver, and his destructive mind-control powers. Meanwhile, Mr....

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Tue Sep 10

The Piano Guys

The Piano Guys became an internet sensation by way of their immensely successful series of strikingly original self-made music videos which have garnered over 1.6 billion YouTube views. It’s the...

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Sat Sep 14

Central Jersey Jazz Festival 2019

The Central Jersey Jazz Festival will take place Sept. 13-15, 2019. It is a result of an unprecedented collaborative partnership of three New Jersey County seats- Flemington, New Brunswick, and...

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Sun Sep 22

Jason Bishop: Straight Up Magic

From his spectacular Double Levitation to his phenomenal illusions, Jason Bishop, along with his lead assistant Kim Hess, presents an astonishing magic show for all ages. The show features grand...

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