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Wed Aug 28

New Brunswick Jazz Project - Presents Mark Gross Trio

His consistently professional musicianship has led to live and recorded efforts with many of his fellow pacesetters in jazz music. Mark has toured the world with the Mark Gross Quartet,...

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Thu Aug 29

Pub, Grub & Poker Fun

The Rotary of New Brunswick is hosting the End of the Summer Pub, Grub & Poker Fun event in New Brunswick City Center to raise money and food donations for...

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Thu Aug 29

New Brunswick Jazz Project - Presents Frank Lacy Tromboniverse

Tenor,alto trombones,valve trombone,baritone horn/euphonium, tuba,trumpet/flugalhorn,composer,arranger,vocalist,conductor, physicist....yes Frank Lacy is all these. Lacy moved to New York City in 1981. He played with Illinois Jacquet's big band, and a couple...

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Sat Aug 31

Snack Attack Comedy Show

Snack attack is a comedy show combined with a cooking competition. Part gut-busting laughs, part gut-filling snacks, this show will leave you fully satisfied. Over the course of the show,...

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Sep 3 to Jan 5

Dimensionism: Modern Art in the Age of Einstein

This fall, the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers hosts the nationally touring exhibition that explores Dimensionism, an artistic movement, tracing the influence of early 20th-century scientific discoveries on some of...

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Fri Sep 6

New Brunswick Jazz Project - Presents Emma Larson Duo

It was an invitation to sing with a local jazz trio that got her hooked. While studying classical piano at the Janacek Conservatory in the Czech Republic, Emma Larsson sat...

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