Jun 7 to Aug 30

Summer Afternoons in Kilmer Square Park

Live musical performances at lunchtime. Grab some friends or co-workers, pick up lunch at your favorite establishment, and head on over to Kilmer Square Park to enjoy live music! (weather...

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Jun 29 to Jul 7

Independence Day Celebrations Throughout New Brunswick City Center & Beyond

During New Brunswick Independence Week, June 29 - July 7, make plans to stop by local establishment Harvest Moon Brewery & Caf`e and ask for their $17.76 menu!  Enjoy a...

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Wed Jul 3

Captain America, The First Avenger

With the help of an experimental serum, ordinary guy Steve Rogers becomes the powerful super-soldier known as Captain America. In this action-packed blockbuster, he leads the fight for freedom against...

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Tue Jul 9

Finding Nemo

In the depths of the Great Barrier Reef, a clownfish named Marlin embarks on an incredible journey to rescue his son, Nemo, who has been snatched from his ocean home...

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Jul 13 to Jul 27

Come and Visit Foodie Heaven!

New Brunswick Restaurant Week 2019 New Brunswick City Center restaurants are as diverse as they are exceptional and now you have the perfect excuse to get out of...

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Tue Jul 16

Ernest & Celestine

One day, a tiny mouse named Celestine leaves her underground home and meets a grumpy bear named Ernest. In their world, bears and mice fear and distrust each other, but...

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