Boyd Park

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Boyd Park
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Complete rehabilitation of this 20 acre award winning urban waterfront park and new maintenance facility. The construction was planned in several stages and the park was reopened in 1999 as part of an $11 million redevelopment effort of New Brunswick's river-front. Boyd Park now offers a historical view of the Raritan River as well as New Brunswick's skyline.

The downtown riverfront park serves as a gateway to the city of New Brunswick and simultaneously extends its urban fabric to and across the adjacent river and canal. A system of functional, architectural, and landscape elements act as new landmarks within the 14 acre open space and compliment the restoration of the canal edge and outlet locks. The present and past technologies developed in the construction of the historic D & R canal of New Brunswick are explored through the use of new and recycled materials and various exhibits through the park.

The park also features a 3/4 long mile tow path with lights as well an historical swing bridge, canal, and locks. Extensive historical signage has been installed to help visitors learn about the rich history of the Raritan River and the City of New Brunswick.

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Boyd Park
New Brunswick, NJ