It All Started Here 150 Years Ago Near College Avenue

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Rutgers and Princeton played the first game of intercollegiate football on Nov. 6, 1869, on a plot of ground where the present-day Rutgers gymnasium now stands in New Brunswick.

Rutgers, then referred to as the "Queensmen," ultimately prevailed over its in-state rival with a 6-4 victory. The game was played with two teams of 25 men each under rugby-like rules, but like modern football, it was “replete with surprise, strategy, prodigies of determination and physical prowess,” to use the words of one of the Rutgers players.

As "The Birthplace of College Football ", Rutgers has embarked on a yearlong celebration to mark the 150th anniversary of college football "On the Banks." Each of the Scarlet Knights’ home games feature a unique game theme, honoring the past greats like scholar, athlete, and actor Paul Robeson as well as decades of Rutgers football letter winners and All-Americans. The Birthplace of College Football celebration, presented by RWJBH, will be the highlight for every fan who travels to Piscataway in 2019 as the Scarlet Knights commemorate the history, tradition, and passion of the collegiate games that started right here in 1869.

Site of the first game in 1869, is now the parking lot behind the College Avenue Gym.