American Hungarian Foundation - 35th Annual Festival of Trees

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DEC 3, 2023 to JAN 6, 2024
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Various Locations
American Hungarian Foundation Gallery - 300 Somerset Street (21 trees)
New Brunswick Performing Arts Center - 11 Livingston Avenue (4 trees)
Amboy Bank - 350 George Street (1 tree)

More Info:

The 35th Annual Festival of Trees celebrates the Christmas trees as one of our most important Christmas holiday traditions. The trees have been decorated by local organizations who have been invited to share the holiday traditions of their culture. Many of the trees have been decorated with handmade ornaments. Before Christmas decorations could be purchased, families made their own decorations using whatever materials they had in their homes and whatever was available in nature (pinecones, straw, nuts etc.) Sometime the decorations were edible, made from cookies, candy, nuts, or fruit.

This year's trees are decorated not only with the traditional ornaments of their country but also with colored balls representing the colors of each nation's flag.

American Hungarian Foundation Gallery - (21 trees displayed) Hungary, Australia, Austria, Poland, Japan, France, USA, Israel, Germany, Canada, Italy, Scotland, England-Victorian, Brazil, Ukraine-The Christmas Spider, Argentina, Hispanic/Latino, Denmark, Estonia, Belarus, and Solstice

New Brunswick Performing Arts Center - Esperanza Neighborhood Project Tree, Hungarian Tree, New Brunswick Tree, and Irish Tree

Amboy Bank - Greek Tree

If you enjoyed your Christmas trip around the globe, please consider making a donation to the AHF at the front desk or on the museum's store. Or here: DONATE TODAY!